Register And Upload Video

To Enter The Contest

1 Fill out the application

2 Pay your application fee (which is your donation to “Early Learning”)

3 Upload your video

   If you check “pay later”  below,  you will receive an upload link by email upon payment receipt. 

NOTES: If you will remit payment type other than through credit card or debit card OR if you have trouble uploading your video , please contact us at or call 706-884-8292 to make payment.

Registration Amount $50 per act. Must be paid before your application can be processed. If application is entered by September 10th, in your Cart, use Coupon Code “HALFOFF” for a discount of $25.00.

All participants must agree to Contest Rules: See Contest Details

If selected in the top 10, you must be available to attend rehearsal on Wednesday, November 17, 2021 and perform on stage November 18th, 2021.