How To Make A Great Video

How To Make A Great Video

1. Plan ahead and make interesting selections with your talent.

2. Unless your talent is singing “A Cappello”, it is advisable to have background, accompanying music with your talent.

3. Set up your camera. Make sure you set it up in a location with good lighting. You may use your phone set up on a tripod to avoid movement or you may find that the audio/visual quality may be better on a dedicated video device, such as a full sized camera/camcorder. For a tutorial on how to get good lighting, search on YouTube or Google or visit

4. Your sound quality matters!! Sound is probably more important to achieving a high-quality movie than video. If the sound is low, distorted or sounds like it was recorded inside a cave, your viewers are quickly going to click next. Make sure to check if there are any attachments such as a microphone that can improve the quality of your video.

5. Use jump cuts sparingly, if at all. Your on stage performance (if you are chosen) will be live and won’t allow for “tricks”.

6. Make the video in the highest quality available to you.

7. Be creative. Using your own unique style with showmanship can be a plus.